Red Flags / Harassing Behavior
  • A professor makes sexual jokes, stares at you, touches you, insinuates that you will get a better grade or other reward if you develop a ďspecial relationship" or otherwise makes you uncomfortable.
  • A teaching assistant who puts his or her hands on you. Anyone who makes unwanted and repeated statements about your clothes, body or personal life.
  • Somebody puts up sexually graphic posters, magazines, screensavers, web pages, and/or emails where you can see them.
  • Someone you met puts pressure on you for sex (included repeated requests, staring, or other persistent behavior).
  • Somebody touching, patting, hugging, or brushing up against you when you donít want them to do it.
  • Anyone trying to make deals with you about sex in exchange for your job, as part of your job, to get a raise or promotion, better grade, or a good letter of recommendation.
Examples of Potential Sexual Harassment
  • I work on campus and every time I work with this one guy, heís always saying sexual stuff that makes me uncomfortable. I have to work there. What can I do?
  • Whenever I work with my professor, he says things that make me uncomfortable.
  • A guy in my class is always asking me about sexual things. He gives me the creeps.
  • Iím a TA and a student in my class keeps writing inappropriate notes to me and alludes to seeing me other places. Iím very nervous about it.
  • My T.A. keeps telling me how much he likes my outfits, no matter what I am wearing.
  • I am on a list serve for my class and someone is always forwarding sexual stuff. I have to be on this list serve to get information for class.
  • Someone on my floor keeps putting porn on my door.
  • My classmate and I are working on a project together and he keeps making passes at me. I told him to cut it out several times but that seems to make it worse.
  • I work on campus and my supervisor asks me if I want to have more ďfun on the jobĒ and ďfool aroundĒ while Iím working. He/she says if I donít heíll tell everyone I do anyway and I might just get fired.
  • I saw my professor grab a classmate and Iím worried about her. Sheís really shy.
  • This one girl in my class is the teacherís pet. Heís always paying special attention to her and they seem to have private jokes. I canít compete with that.
  • My professor says our relationship is ďspecialĒ and he wants us to be closer. I have to take this course to complete my major. What can I do?
  • My TA said if Iím extra nice to him/her, Iíll get extra credit.
  • My professor keeps staring at my chest. I try to turn and move away but he moves with me and keeps doing it. He asked me to go out for a drink with him and he can get my work into a good conference. He said if Iím just not interested, heíll have to invest his time in another student.
  • My TA backed me up to a table and said he couldnít live without me. It freaked me out and I donít want to go back. What do I do?
  • My girlfriend said she was raped by a guy in her class. What should she do?
  • Iím a guy and I walked by my (female) TA and she grabbed my butt. She keeps doing it. When I told her to stop, she laughed and grabbed at me again. How can I get her to stop?
  • Iím an RA and the professor is pushing for an outside relationship with me.
  • My date and I were making out and I was okay with that, but when I wanted to stop, he kept going. I feel terrible!
The University of Iowa forbids these types of behaviors and has a sexual harassment policy and related policies.
These examples do not include all possible scenarios. If your exact situation is not described here, but you think it fits the criteria for sexual harassment, please contact one of the resources on this site for help.